Decompression software for the diving world

GAP-Software, the source for decompression and table generation software. If you are a recreational diver or an advanced technical diver, GAP-software has the the decompression software for you. Models including RGBM, Buhlmann with gradient factors, M11F6 are available. Platforms are either Windows or Pocket PC. Of course closed circuit and open circuit is supported as well as metric and imperial units and many more features

You can check out the desktop version for 14 days. You only need to have a username/serial combination if you decide to purchase the package.

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Android GAP


We are happy to announce the release of Android GAP a product for the Android platform.

Android GAP is the dive planner for the Android platform. It supports both RGBM and Buhlmann GF decompression models and metric as well as imperial support and OC and CCR support, with trimix or nitrox. Tools are available such a a van der Waals or Ideal gas law gasmixer, EAD/END/MOD calculations and Best mix calculation.


NEW: version 3.0.1 has a trail mode in which you can test the application for 10 Nitrox decompression to get a feeling of the application. 

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Iterative RGBM for the Liquivision X1

We are happy to anounce the development of the GAP-X1 RGBM version for the Liquivision X1.

With signing the agreement with Dr. B.R.Wienke a month ago we are happy to announce to implement the RGBM algorithm in the X1 hardware together with the Buhlmann GF algorithm. The X1 implementation will follow the RGBM an Buhlmann/GF implementation of our Desktop diveplanners. 

Main Features:

- RGBM Model with conservatism settings as the GAP-Diveplanner.
- Buhlmann GF with conservatism settings as the GAP-Diveplanner.
- OC/CCR support and switchable.
- Extensive logging.

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Logging software for the GAP-X1

Logging program for the GAP-X1 has the following main features

- Save newest dives in the dive log program
- Graphical display of profile, ppo2, temperature, cns, speed, stops and ceiling
- Extra information about location, buddies etc....
- Collection of all, CCR, OC dives and per X1 unit.
- Personalized logging especially for diving classes.
- Printing facilities of log information and profile

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Registration change as of Version 3.0

When ordering through the web shop or through a dealer/distributor, you will receive a serialID. This SerialID unlock your purchased version through the registration process build in the diveplanner. This removes the old unique-id emails. This alo enabled you as a customer to have a just one number to unlock the gap-software products.

Each Serial ID is linked to a product so there will be serial ID’s for the recreational, recreational rebreather, Mixedgas and Mixedgas rebreather versions. The product is still linked to the installation computer. The Serial ID can be reused in case of computer crashes or new computers. There is a limit to the number of requests.

products for the diveshop

Through the new registration mechanism, you are now able to sell a physical GAP-Diveplanner in the dive shop or on the dive course. We can supply you with a CD and casing to sell in the shop.

You also receive a set of labels with the serial ID’s you want to sell. A sale for you will consists of a CD and a label with the serial ID.



Effective as off 2008-02-10, prices in Euro's, US dollar and GBP are decoupled. The base price will still be the Euro but the prices in USD are 1.2 times that of the Euro and the GBP prices will be 0.7 times that of the Euro prices. In the shop you will have a choice of in which monetary value you want the prices displayed in. Select either USD or GBP to ensure that you have the correct currency.