Company information

GAP-Software is a software company that invents, creates and sells software products for the technical diving world.

Founded in 2002, GAP-Software has an excellent name in the technical diving world with GAP Gas Absorption Program. This free program revolutionized the technical diving world by being the first visually based decompression package that supported the Gradient Factor method devised by Erik Baker.

Through the licencing of the RGBM algorithm from Dr. B.R.Wienke in 2002, GAP-Software was able to create in 2003 GAP-RGBM. This PC desktop mixed gas decompression software supports both RGBM and Bulhmann decompression models side by side.

By its unique way of visualizing the decompression profiles, GAP-RGBM is able to simultaneously show the RGBM based profile and the Buhlmann based profile. Decompression profiles can be calculated for both nitrox and trimix mixtures for both open circuit and Closed Circuit Rebreather.

A Pocket PC version of GAP-RGBM -- called GAP-LITE -- is released in September 2003.

GAP-software is headquartered in Heerhugowaard in the Netherlands.