Terms of Use

We (the authors, gap-software or agents) do not guarantee that the program you are about to purchase and use is without flaw. Neither do we warrant that the program reflects actual A.A. Buhlmann or actual B.R. Wienke algorithms. By downloading you accept that the art/science of diving decompression procedure is based on theory and hence warrants no particular results. This theory is in constant evolution as is this program it is your responsibility to remain updated on developments The profiles generated will not guarantee that the user will not sustain injury or even death. The sport of diving carries inherent risks that may result in serious injury and death. This risk is increased when decompression diving is practiced and further increased when single or multiple gas mixtures are used. All types of diving require proper training at each level of complexity and in each environment. It is incumbent on the user to seek out and participate in such training. By downloading you agree that we (the author, gap-softwares or agents) will not be held liable for your use of this program.