Letter of the CEO

 Gas Absorption Program, has a great reputation in the technical diving field. I have discovered in the last few years that my platform is well received due to its ease of use, reliability and exceptional utility. Furthermore, the thousands of downloads from the website www.gap-software.com underpin this conclusion. Given this status, the process of licensing of RGBM, Reduced Gradient Bubble Model, from Dr. Bruce Wienke, became a logical progression in providing the best decompression software to our thousands of users.

For almost three years Gap, Gas Absorption Program has been free for everybody, who would find the site and thousands did. I was always asked, "you have the best deco software why do you not sell the program?" To which I always answered, "I've got a good career and it was fun to create something that worked great and helped out the diving community". The biggest investment into GAP was my time; using my knowledge of user interaction in software programs and what divers wanted and needed. Diving is one of my passions and this was a great part of it.

Many different algorithms were offered to me, most pro bono, in the end I decided to go with the best, all be it more expensive, RGBM. Dr. Wienke's business philosophy is such that RGBM was to always be a commercial venture. Hence due to my investment in the RGBM code, I have been required to start a software company that will develop GAP - RGBM on a commercial base.

How does this affect you as a future Customer, Partner? In order to offer the best service for the product I have struck a stratigic alliance for the distribution of GAP - RGBM. Servicing the United States and Canada will be Rosa LeBreton She, along with a select and strong dealer network and continued online access, will have exclusive rights in these regions. In Europe Austria, Germany and Switzerland are covered by About diving AG, Japan and Korea are also online. ANDI-Benelux handles the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. The rest of the world, will be serviced by my exciting structure centered upon my website www.gap-software.com.

GAP has always been about the diver. It will always be about the diver. We will continue to lead the evolution of this industry. With the acquisition of RGBM, I'm confident that you as customer/partner will be served with the best, most user friendly and stable state of the art decompression software.

Kees Hofwegen