In 2003 I was asked to write a chapter on decompression software for the upcoming new edition of “Deeper into Diving”. To aid doing this I was given full copies of the various commonly used decompression programs including GAP. Since that time GAP has become my preferred decompression planning software.

I now regularly use it in my roles as a Hyperbaric Physician, as an Expert witness in court cases (for analyzing diver’s decompression profiles) and as a technical diver where I have used it to produce tables for conducting dives in excess of 100m.

I would highly recommend this program for the serious Technical diver. The ease of producing both primary and backup tables is second to none and the implementation of the underlying models is excellent.

Dr. Andrew Fock MB,BS;FANZCA;Dip DHM
Senior Staff Specialist Hyperbaric Medicine


Thank you for the great customer service. You truly have the best customer service in the software industry. It makes working with your company enjoyable. One of the best selling points I tell customers is that they can always get you by email and you respond quickly. This is not the case with V-Planner or Multideco. Thank you again for your help with the many issues that you have fixed with the software. If I was in your shoes I would have given up on me as a customer months ago. I never complain or ask for help unless something is truly just wrong. Thanks for the great support with the product. I will continue to support the GAP software for two reasons; it has kept me alive while diving and the great customer service.
Thanks Kees.
Name withheld on request