New Dealer: Dive Club

We welcome the dive Club as dealer in Brazil


The Dive Club emerged the idea of bringing people to dive, because when we started to dive that divers knew existed but did not know where they were. Suddenly we realized that this was the problem of many divers who was in Sorocaba. With Dive Club approached many people and formed many divers, is now more than 4000 divers formed along a journey of 13 years. Today we can breathe relieved, the Dive Club really showed that it came from.
Our shop, or our "CLUB" if you prefer, has everything you should have a good diving school and you find everything you need: equipment, reloading, courses, tourism, etc.. Just do not have the sea, but we give a way to take you to him.
The big difference that DIVE CLUB offers its students is the course where the instructor UNDERWATER PHONE conversation with his students during the dive, the only school in Brazil with this system

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