Android GAP


Introducing Android GAP

Android is a complete mobile phone software stack. It includes everything a manufacturer or operator needs to build a mobile phone. Android has been made available as open source via the Apache v2 license. Android was designed from the ground up to enable the best user experience possible on a mobile phone. It leverages web and Internet content to provide advanced services such as mobile mashups.


Android GAP is the dive planner for the Android platform. is supports both RGBM and Buhlmann GF decompression models and metric as well as imperial support and OC and CCR support. 

Android GAP specifications

 Android Version
 from 1.6 until 2.2 tested. ( some notebooks have not an arm processor and will not run Android GAP )
 As off Android version 2.2, the application will install on the external SD card if there is room for it,  
 otherwise it will install on internal memory
 Models supported
 RGBM iterative / Buhlman LZH-16B + Gradient factors
 Depth limitation  180m / 600ft
 Units  Imperial / Metric
 Tools  Gasmixer (van der Waals & ideal gas law), EAD ,END, MOD and Best Mix
 Dives  Multiple dives with surface interval.
 OC/CCR  Profile can contain OC and CCR dive legs, deco schedule OC or CCR selectable


Initial dive screen with a 30m, 30 min profile Leg. Selected so that the edit and remove button are enabled
Input dialog for a profile leg. This can
be either OC or CCR. The + - buttons enable speed selection of the data.
Result of the calculation of the previous profile. Note a warning is shown 

Through the menu you can have the total information of the dive. Or select a a leg in the decompression schedule to see all information about that leg. The decompression gasses can de selected in the dec dialog. Note the standard gasses button that enables fast access.
Selection for standard gasses button and initial default profile settings can be changed in the Set Defaults menu item  
Each standard gas button can be changed by pressing the respective button. This is also true for the profile default data used in add Profile leg.
The tools can be accessed through the menu.
Example of the gasmixer in action. Selection of van der Waals can be set in the header Numerous settings can be set to tailor the Android GAP to your specific needs.
For the case that the android system crashes the application a attention sign is shown in the  status bar notification 
You as the user can select whether you want to send information to us. An extra notice field enables you to add extra comments

Download & Installation

 We will not put the file into the android store but it will be downloadable here.
installation will be like this.

1. Get the AndroidGap.apk file on your external sd card by either
  • Using the phones browser
  • Downloading it with a PC/MAC or other computer and put it on the sd card you
    insert into the phone.
2. Select the file on you sd card and through the menu select install.
3. Make sure that you have authorize third party apps.
    through desktop->menu-Settings->applications->unknown sources->OK
If you do not have the above setting, you provider has restricted your to use only provider approved
apps. The solution to this problem is to use the complex procedure described here