Resellers progams

GAP-Software would like to invite diving Professional, Instructor, Assistent Instructor, Divemasters, Dive shops, Boat charters and other commercial ventures to participate with us  since in today's rapidly changing world, partnerships help strengthen what we can offer our customers. Our strong relationships with industry leaders simply mean better service for our customers.


  • Be paid commissions every month automatically with no minimum value

  • Advance information on our latest GAP-Software products

  • Earn upto 40% commission of your sales.

  • Priority technical support.

  • You are 100% in control of your business

  • Access to the online diving database.


By joining one of our partner programs you will be able to make extra money by promoting the products of GAP-Software. We welcome everyone, from Divemaster to Instructors, from Dive shops to dive certification organizations to become our partners.
The registration has been changed also. Instead of you getting a unique-id number from your customers, creating a serial /username from the gap-software website and supplying that to the customers, you will receive a set of Serial ID’s.
Your customers has to insert the serial id number in the GAP-Diveplanner and the GAP-Diveplanner  will contact the registration server and automatically registers the product.
Each Serial ID is linked to a product so there will be serial ID’s for the recreational, recreational rebreather, Mixedgas and Mixedgas rebreather versions. The product is still linked to the installation computer. The Serial ID can be reused in case of computer crashes or new computers. There is a limit to the number of requests.

Products for the Dive shop

Through the new registration mechanism, you are now able to sell a physical GAP-Diveplanner in the dive shop or on the dive course. We can supply you with a CD and casing to sell in the shop. You also receive a set of labels with the serial ID’s you want to sell. A sale for you will consists of a CD and a label with the serial ID.
Example of a CD case with Installation CD.
Depending on your business type you can choose the most appropriate partnership model:

Web Affiliate Program   See more .

As our web affiliate you redirect your Web site visitors to GAP-Software Web site.
You need to have your own homepage.
You get 25% commission.

Dealer Program   See more .

As our Dealer you sell gap-software products directly to customers.
You need to have your own business.
You get up to 50% commission.

Distributor program   See more .

As our Distributor you are selling GAP-Software products to your professional customers. 
You need to have your own business.
You get up to 65% commission.

OEM & Bundling Program   See more .

This program is aimed at Dive certification agencies who want to have their own specialized version.
If you wish to apply for one of our partner programs or have questions, feel free to e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it